• All vehicles to check into the office upon arrival
  • Vehicles to travel at walking pace 10km throughout entire park, this includes the entry at the top of the hill. This is a public road, and all rules apply – no exceptions. 
  • Please ensure that your day visitors have reported to the office.
  • Vehicles prohibited from crossing river at all times
  • No motor bikes, mini bikes, recreation or remote control vehicles including drones to be used within the park.
  • Helmets to be worn when riding bikes throughout park.
  • No bikes to be ridden in park after dark.
  • ALL dogs must be on a leash at ALL times and never in the amenities. You will be asked to remove your dog from the Park if it is seen unrestrained at any time.
  • Children are not permitted in the showers unsupervised. Showers are not to be used to warm up between swims.
  • When camping beware of branches that may fall without warning. No responsibility will be accepted for injury or damage caused by falling branches
  • Please observe fire restriction rules and signs.
  • Fires must have someone in attendance at ALL times with a 10 litre bucket of water nearby. Fires must be extinguished with water before going to bed and when departing camp site.
  • Under no circumstances are you to corden an area off to “save for other guest’s of your group. We may ask you to remove them. Everyone is able to select their spot to enjoy our park.
  • Please use drums provided. Do not dig out a new fire pit.
  • Hose reels are fire use only.
  • No cans, bottles or rubbish in fires.
  • You can pick up vegetation including sticks and branches from off the ground for kindling, but do not cut branches or chop our trees.  Please ask at the office for directions to wood collection area (approx. 5 minute drive)
  • All noise, including music must cease between 10.00 pm and 7.00 am.
  • In consideration towards others, Generators with low noise output only are permitted intermittently between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm but not for continuous use during these hours eg: not for running airconditioners or heaters.
  • Rubbish to be taken to skip bins located opposite to the amenities block.
  • Camp site to be totally cleaned of all rubbish upon your departure.
  • No refunds will be given for early departures including for failed or damaged camping equipment or unfavourable weather.
  • Please report any problems or issues to the office.
Management has the right to refuse entry or evict anyone who fails to follow park rules or is deemed to be behaving or speaking inappropriately

We thank you for staying with us and helping to keep Paradise Valley, paradise.